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Friday, December 05, 2008

Energy not Apathy

I'm not ranting today. Enough hollow talk. It's time for British bloggers to vote with their minds and feet. Sit down, relax, it's Friday.....lie back, close your eyes and listen again with your hearts to these words. NOW is the time for action. Do you lack the courage? Can you look into the eyes of your children and say you fought for the energy revolution? One small step, tomorrow at Parliament Square ....armchair blogger or LEGEND?

For those who can't make it off the blog, at least press here (and you thought we'd forgotten you Geraldine!)....and for the totally inert, read, digest and spread the word...32 pages to save the world. Not much to ask.
What do you mean where will I be? I've got lovin' on my mind. Don't watch the video Polly! And to all you girl guides out there 'look away now'.

Blog off and have a politically energetic weekend folks...with loads of forest love (and peace),

Yours Ivor X