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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happiness is Infectious!

Dear Ivor

What a wheeze! I never would’ve thought that he had it in him. Whilst I succumbed to a bout of seasonal flu Robin has apparently been constructing a fantasy life where he is a member of “Plane Stupid”, a little apt I might say, and I am on a virtual tour of Las Vegas discovering my navel no doubt!! How could you have believed him? Nothing other than a temperature of 102 degrees would have kept me from my keyboard and did my confession about your mentorship mean nothing to you? He certainly knew how to malign my character in your eyes appealing to your carbon footprint Achilles heel and even attempting to risk upsetting Geraldine!!

Anyway can’t think where he got the idea about a “Second Life” unless he has been secretly reading our blog and feeling a bit left out. Did attempt a reply to you yesterday but was thwarted by a much delayed Christmas shopping trip and a tyre blow-out, surely Robin isn’t that serious about keeping me from my destiny!

After some antibiotics, goodness knows what I would’ve been prescribed if I lived in France, am now back with a vengeance! However should I go quiet again you may need to call in the security forces as rumours of my demise may not be exaggerated! However I must admit it has added a certain spice to my relationship with Robin, although I now understand how Inspector Clouseau felt living with Cato!

Despite my affliction am attempting to enter into the spirit of Christmas, nothing to do with Fuggles hops or wobbly antlers. Our viewers are building up in numbers, although they do appear a little reticent. However I take this as a good omen, they are taking in the measure of us and making an informed decision as to whether we are virtually up to the job. We want followers who take a long term view; after all it can get pretty intimate in a campervan!

I am determined to spread a little goodwill, despite the chilly economic wind that is blowing. Every cloud….. Positive moves really are afoot. Championship clubs are considering putting a cap on footballers’ salaries, not before time! There’s been a revival in family holidays and you’ll be pleased, a resurgence in camping. Apparently we are all eating more healthily. Commuters are also taking to their bikes in their millions.

Anyway it’s official happiness is infectious, a bit like my cold, and I intend to do my fair share of spreading it, starting with Robin!

Poll x

PS Think I now qualify for shares in Kleenex!