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Monday, December 22, 2008

Lost The Firkin Point...

YOU'RE BACK Polly...Hooray, Hooray!
Sorry for delayed response. Intermittant reception in North Wales. Tipi or not Tipi? That is the question. Nowhere to plug in laptop. Anyway Aunty Gladys has told me you are back on line (and on form), Robin is virtually challenging and we had a date at the Firkin Point. I did try to seek clarity with Aunty Gladys as to venue, but she was rambling about Inspector Clouseau. She was making trifle at the time...too much sherry perhaps?
Well, I've ended up here. Whilst Loch Lomond is resplendent in its winter are decidedly absent? I have a nagging feeling in my Trossachs that I may be slightly off beam. Do try and make contact...I can be found at Ben Arthur's Bothy sampling some Fyne Ale and folk music...fortification for my return trip....perhaps it's time for a shave? My banjo playing is coming on leaps and bounds! Hopefully I'll be back before Christmas. Anything happened in the news recently? I've been refocussing and seeking clarity of vision!!! Can't say transubstantiate either, should I be worried?
Big Kisses
Ivor X
PS These Scots are up for some fun...might stay as snow is predicted...a loch-in perhaps?