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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No Sulking

Enough is enough Polly,

It's no good sulking about Carol Vorderman and apathetic voting. I'm delighted, and Aunty Gladys is plumping up some newly knitted cushions down in the shed. Do you think she will wear the leather trousers? (Carol, not Aunty Gladys). Yes, that was a very sexist comment. Don't tell me if I wore leather trousers you'd stay blissfully reticent. Anyway, as you are not talking to Robin you will have to give up on the strong silent treatment at some point before you self destruct. A letter of congratulations to Carol and Victoria doesn't take that long...let me help.

I have decided that I am infact apolitical. The whole top political blogger thing scares the pants off me. I can admit to leather pants...and cowardice. But I'm a pacifist and activist all rolled up into one bobbly Fairisle jumper and there's no way I'd go into combat with Guido...he'd chew me up alive, swallow me whole and wash me down with a sixpack of Satan Red. So I've bottled out of telling him about our convoy to Copenhagen. Iain Dale on the other hand looks like an amenable sort, but he's in a bad mood today. Can't be doing with moods and tantrums, unless of course they are mine. When anyone of the Top 100 political bloggers come up with some real strategy to tackle climate change then they can have a campervan personally signed and decorated by Cath Kidston and a personalised knitted laptop bag.Until then they can all blog off and fight with each other. Only one Green blogger (The Daily (Maybe)! And they reckon the politicians aren't in tune? As for Ordovicius, don't despair good buddy, I've been checking out feasibilities of a convoy to Freetown Christiania in more detail......a partially self governing, semi-legal, self sustaining society built from scratch for those who feel the beating of a pioneer heart. An interest in Max Boyce is optional. Our shed door is open all hours for anyone with an ethical pulse (nicked your line Bibi)! Don't forget anarchism is now mainstream. Oiling the tandem as it may take sometime to get to Copenhagen in time for next Christmas. No flights from Stansted. GOOD.

Yours Grumpily,
Ivor X

PS It's very easy to think outside the box when you have not been put in one. Confused? Me too.....blame the loose fuggles!