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Monday, December 08, 2008

Plane Stupid

Frankly Polly, I think Robin is being Plane Stupid. I thought he was up there exporing the old passageways of Chislehurst Caves. If I was him I'd stay deep down between the crevices and contemplate the value of exposing himself on the runway in such a gesture of defiance. It took me back to our Student Union days of free expression following that (not so) friendly Sevens Tournament and several Young's Winter Warmers. I will arrange transport home from The Bull after he's sobered up and apologized for any inconvenience he may have caused. Not sure if the landlord saw the funny side of playing diving is for the under 50's or the paralytic...mmmm. During World War II, the tunnels did serve as air raid shelters. This wasn't quite what I envisaged in stirring up action against Climate Change....still I admire his Blitz spirit.

Incidentally, I liked Bibi van der Zee's article and wondered if we should take our convoy to Copenhagen next December (the most microbreweries per capita in Europe), designer shops and Freetown Christiana. Something for everyone. I feel a job share coming on for Head of Environment...George and you think we should tell them? Kidnapping seems a little radical. We need a rebel with an ethical pulse. What is your evaluation of George's finer points revealing thus far Polly?
Couldn't help blogging him about holding Yvo de Boer to task, at some antisocial hour (01.59 am)....he IS my hero of the moment, though I'm enjoying exploring Bibi's attributes too. Do you think she swishes on the quiet?

I know you're feeling emotional about the announcement of Head of Ed....I won't say anymore. Don't want to steal your thunder.

Ivor X

PS I think we will all be ready for a week on the Pilsner by then...if Robin has dried out!