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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Status Quo

Dear Ivor

My deliberations under the duvet over the past week have brought forth a mixture of emotions. Yes, some of them aimed at Robin, although I now know that his feigned concern about my recovery was masking a desire for a takeover bid on the blog front, is he that bored at work! However prepared with this knowledge I am now employing psychological warfare tactics, involving being disarmingly pleasant and excessively honest at the same time, he is I must admit more confused than I would’ve given him credit and I have had to stifle the desire to append a “gotcha” to the end of some sentences, however years of practice do kick in at these times!

Anyway back to my Egyptian cotton musings. Whilst slipping in and out of consciousness I have experienced rather disjointed radio coverage of the news and the picture overall was in danger of becoming exceedingly bleak. I have had to add a further £126 million to my debt spreadsheet in respect of overpayments to pensioners and possibly another £18m lost by local authorities in the Madoff scandal. Do you think he dropped an “e” to add credibility to his marketing brochure “trust Madeoff with your money”? The more I read about Madoff the more incredulous I become, how this person was trusted with such huge amounts of cash is beyond belief! Perhaps he should’ve plumped for a career in government then he could’ve just blamed everybody else for the loss and still maintained a position of trust.

Unemployment and mortgage arrears are increasing by the day and now it seems I might be about to become an unwilling shareholder in Jaguar Land Rover owned by Tata of India. Frankly I don’t want to fill the funding gap, isn’t that what banks are for and if they don’t want to fund a viable business do they know something I don’t know? This is not the job of governments. Mr Mandelson would be better employed addressing the reason why the banks continue to be on a lending freeze, rather then adding to the spiralling zeros of our national debt. Tax payers are not a bottomless pit!

After venting my economic fury on an unsuspecting Robin, I made a medicinal mug of hot honey and lemon and plumped up my pillows. This had the desired effect and I had a moment of clarity. Robin wasn’t mounting a takeover blog after all, he was just envious of our camaraderie and focus and grasped the opportunity to be part of it. He has now seen the error of his ways and, albeit a little sheepishly, recognised that he is not up to the challenges of leadership. The status quo has been re-established and I felt a slight stirring of goodwill towards him! Similarly perhaps Mandy needs to establish who’s in charge on the economic front the government or the multinationals?

I have my suspicions!

Poll xx

PS Feel up to a meeting at The Firkin Point tomorrow if you’re free? Have you still got the scooter?