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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Talking About a Revolution.

Dear Polly,

I am sure you are having a frenzied webshop and are therefore much too busy to blog on today. Save or Spend? Now there's a national dilemma. Don't try to convince me you're doing both. Does Twiggy really need another cardi? What I don't understand is that today's 'Spectacular' will bring people out in droves to ensure they get their fleece dressing gowns at a bargain price. But trying to stir up a POLITICAL fervour is like wading through treacle. Perhaps it is the distinct absence of quality, service and value we are getting from our political leaders.

I agree wholeheartedly with Anthony King and told him so at exactly 12.50am (3rd comment from bottom for those with blog fatigue). So how exactly do we win the political hearts and minds of the British public? The plethora of views that spewed forth in response to King's article (...actually, I feel I can call him Anthony now) reassured me that there is a living, talking, intelligent mass out there drowning in cynicism and frustration. I felt a little overawed by the political brilliance of their scattergun observations and brain dead by the time I'd finished. But after a couple of bottles of Orkney Skull Splitter (one was for you Anthony, but I drank it), it occured to me that we are a bunch of blogging, armchair know-it-alls. The talk of revolution was just that...all talk. Let's face it, if we are all too horizontal to carry through these fine words perhaps we should admit that, just like our political leaders, we too are 'all talk and no action.' Whilst everyone seems to be united in acknowledging public apathy, did any one of these discerning bloggers come up with a solution? Perhaps John Wayne had a point when he suggested, rather eye-wateringly that ''If you've got them by the balls...their hearts and minds will follow''. He was afterall, a real man and not a politician. What I have gleamed is that we should just say NO...but mean it. We are too British to be truly revolting....who's up for storming No 10? Race you? We don't do sit-ins in airports (trees maybe) or civil uprisings (petitions maybe). Though it is tempting. How many people bothered to make paper aeroplanes with me to protest against a third runway at Heathrow? Exactly. Call yourselves politically active? Anthony King's message was on the nose, but we do criticism so well. Where are all you problem solvers? I guessed it....not just any high street sale then? Well, even Stuart Rose knows it is 'Plan A....because there is no Plan B' and sadly if you don't like Labour you can't take it back for a refund. Perhaps it is time for an exchange?

Thinking hats on, you political savants. So you say NO to our current political system (revolution is optional), then what? National abstention from voting at the next election...that would surely put the cat among the pigeons,then what? Start format, real people (well virtually), over 30, life experience, reaching out to all sectors.....well who would really WANNABE PM? So there is a Plan B.....or C, D, and E. Come on Anthony, what is the answer to this national affliction? Even the Girl Guides have leapt out of inertia with a plan of participation. What's ours?

Slightly disgruntled,

Ivor X

PS If you must go Polly, at least exercise some sustainable choice. Though as you well know, I vehemently believe Christmas should be all about making a real difference!