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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tick Control

Dear Ivor

There’s room on the box for two!

The extremely distressing case of Baby P has exposed a box ticking culture amongst social workers, which resulted in a carefully crafted paper trail leading to this little boy’s acute distress and death. However we will not be permitted to know the exact details behind the failure to protect this child as Ed Balls has refused to publish Haringey's serious case review, is this to protect the innocent or to conceal the inept?

Unfortunately it appears that a similar box ticking culture has pervaded our education system and is obscuring the real state of learning in our schools. Diana Watkins, chairman of the Independent Association of Prep Schools thinks so too and is calling for an end to this “dampening down” practice and for more autonomy in the classroom, her observations may have come before mine, but I am comforted by the fact that we are of like minds, am sure she is too!

However just in case it was in doubt, there is evidence of close monitoring of our blog. After my insistence only yesterday that we ought to back off from excessive involvement in education, have come across this article published today in the Guardian, a little spooky! Sounds suspiciously like further symptoms of a tick borne disease to me.

This might be the time for a bit of tick control for teachers, the Frontline for education or perhaps a treatment for society in general?

Poll xx

PS After my succinct personal message to GirlGuiding UK, do you think they would consider lending their support to our mate Geraldine at NOTRAG. If they want to become politically empowered the environment is a good place to start and, let’s face it, one that needs immediate attention. I suppose a protest sit-in at Heathrow is out of the question!