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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to Business

In the spirit of Obama...back to business.
Education in the state sector is a disaster. I've asked at The Schoolgate at 12.06am...but are they listening and will the answer be an effective, immediate solution...or more waffle? Here's some swift surgery for the haemorrhaging that is bleeding dry 93% of potential in our state schooling. Beat that Favreau!

Yes, pay them as much as doctors and lawyers...they are our future.
Get rid of the pitiful teachers who have lost heart and drag down our children. Employ only good ones who deserve the increased pay.
Employ inspirational school teachers who 'take the lid off' their learning and are not motivated by exam results to prove their merit.
Stream by ability in academia, sport, vocational skill and's real life.
Continue to help the disadvantaged, but take forward the bright kids, celebrate their successes.
Don't overlook the majority in the middle and raise their aspirations so they can be the best they can be. They are individuals and not one mass.
Stop testing and point scoring schools by exam success. We owe every child equal opportunity to be their best.
Teach our kids to write, speak, add up and communicate in a world beyond screens that means learning the values of respect for others, empathy, understanding, appropriacy so that they flourish not flounder.
Bring in role models and expertise into schools that are not only pop stars and footballers to inspire our children.
Let the strengths of the independent and selective sector be learned, mirrored and applied to state is not lack of money.

It is lack of inspiration and aspiration...ours, yours and theirs!

What can we all give to be the change in the State Sector?

We need a leader with courage, tenacity and the strength to make tough decisions Mr Balls.No time like the present.

Dr Victoria and Carol...have I missed anything? Action plan on the table by Friday please. No messing, it's back to business.

Ivor X

PS Don't forget to vote for Head of Environment....or can't you be bothered to save the world? We need a strong leader and I've a feeling Greenpeace have just the man. Hit the button....NOW!