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Friday, January 23, 2009

Blue Sky....

Been feeling a touch mellow...must stop listening to Pink Floyd. A little dispondent I'm afraid. And just when I thought that nothing would lift my spirits I struck Kentish Gold at the bottom of my bottle. Yes, I've been off the blog and publically politicising. In fact, I've been down the local....most of the day. Guido has moderated me out...probably took offense at my ethical moralizing....too nice and not enough swearing. As for Ed Balls....I've heard nothing... (well maybe there are more direct ways than emailing Number 10!) And The Schoolgate is decidedly closed in its reply. Why does the world not seize the moment. Why have they not got your passion Polly?

I applaud Obama's sentiments to his kids and they are shared by so is every child's right:
'to grow up in a world with no limits on your dreams and no achievements beyond your reach....every child to have the same chances.... '
So why can't Ed Balls reply to my letter then? What paralysis has descended on the Political System? I am prepared to risk my dongle for this. And just when all hope and courage had trickled away...something made me smile. Ghandi, Ed Balls and dongle all in the same sentence...random!! We feature on the latest dongle that change! you're talking?
Chin up....there is always a blue sky on the horizon.
Ivor X
PS You're right Polly, direct action is the way forward.