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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Comparative Harmony


You sad, sad, SAD filly...and I don't mean the 'winter blues' variety! No wonder the British blogger is taking a while to rationalise our credibility and put faith in our PM leadership campaign. What the hell are you doing on all these comparison websites? Get a life! There are people dying in Columbia whilst we snort coke (well, not you and I personally)!

I have momentarily left my group of strapping young offenders outside in the woods practising survival skills, as I realised the gravity of your situation and sprinted back to basecamp to blog on pronto. As a short term diversion in the hope of distracting you, I have googled another comparison site that I hope will lift your spirits and send you super-scurrying in search of your inner superhero...there IS a world out there, you know? Though it might implode if I don't get back to the fire lighting and knife sharpening....and that's just their coffee break diversions! Bugger, tripped over the tarp in my hurry to wrap up the laptop (windup) in my oilskins!

Get a grip, Polly!
Captain Kirk X

PS You had some leather pants like Nena once....Gary Grimble never recovered!