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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

EQ not IQ


You've thrown me sideways...I was happily pondering how to save the planet when you chucked technology at me! I'm a man and multi-tasking is a little challenging. I'm also sporadic in my thinking today. Edwina is out of sorts, it's too wet for the allotment and I've been reading a very thought provoking book called 'The Big Earth' book which has me in several quandaries. James Bruges is the author and whilst I don't wish to turn our leadership campaign into a book club, I really think it's right up Geraldine's street.

Page 34 reads:
In March 2008, ministers told government, 'UK greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 16.4% since 1990.' In the same month the National Audit Office said there had been no reduction in emissions in the UK from 1990 levels. The ministers' statement was pure spin: they had omitted emissions from aircraft and shipping.

What a bunch of idiots. Are they niavely deceiving themselves or knowingly deceiving us? Mmm, tricky. That's why there is so little faith left in our politicians...they think we are so easily duped. Whilst you and I may have some shortcomings in aspiring to be joint Prime Minister...we have honesty and integrity by the bucketful. I have occasionally regretted my honesty...Robin's Christmas jumper comes to mind!

Another poser (no not Robin):
Every cow in Europe receives a subsidy of £2.62 per day - more than the daily income of half the people in the world.

In actual fact, this book is quite fascinating. The author even speaks highly of one George hero! I feel another jobshare coming on with George and James for Head of Environment. Do we need a vote? I suppose we are a democracy. Any other ideas for nominations? And did you actually tell Carol Vorderman that she's is half of a Head of Education? Or were you struggling to find the right consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant, consonant (words)? Boom, Boom! (There might be some Basil Brush fans out there in the blogosphere!)

Having been inspired by the aforementioned, I was exploring ideas out of the box and decided that our own particular style of leadership should work like a cooperative. Now that would be revolutionary. No conflicting parties because the British political system needs a total revamp anyway. What John Lewis is to retail, we can be to politics. Although I do think of ourselves more as market gardeners...but that is a good thing! We are already putting together a team of experts in the relevent fields (to plug the gaps in our own knowledge) and then we simply use our oodles of common sense to take the country forward into a new era of global harmony and radical change. Let's face it, British politics can't fight it's way out of a recyclable paper bag and time is running out. We need to take the front foot and achieve our goal. In the words of Churchill:
It's no use saying, 'we are doing our best.' You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.
That's it then Polly, no excuses. I am unashamedly building a manifesto built upon James Bruges book as I found myself nodding far too enthusiastically. He's our man. Do you think he's a real ale drinker?

I've also been flirting with hypotheses on the shortages of soft skills, lack of empathy and emotional intelligence....thanks to your last twittering blog! I am in full agreement that all this techno-communication inhibits effective relationship building. But I can't find the definitive article to prove your point. Find me a teenager that can look me in the eye? I won't resort to a humourous song, as it's time for serious action.

There are some interesting studies on EQ which I am mulling over but I am certain that indeed Golman was bang on with his assertion that
''IQ gets you hired, EQ gets you promoted.''
What intrigues me is whilst teenagers are being trained in anger management techniques, business schools are also training top UK leaders in EQ. That's reassuring. How did they get to those heady heights without self awareness, empathy and the ability to decipher social cues in the first place?
Communication is a big one that needs enthusiastic discussion face-to face over a few light ales. We could always nip across to Kirin City for the beer of communication! Failing that...The Westminster (Uppin) Arms!
Speak soon,
Ivor X