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Friday, January 16, 2009

Fight not Flight

Dear Polly,

I woke up under a cloud of gas emissions, mainly of my own making (blame the fuggle hops), and have been feverishly furkeling around the shed for the tiniest scrap of faith that I had left in British politics. No...all gone. I did find the old youth centre dartboard which has been dusted down and given a makeover. I call that the 'What's the Firkin Point' look, and right now it is my look not his....and no doubt belongs on the faces of the rest of the thinking British public on hearing the news about the third runway. Has the dwindling penny not dropped? No surprise that the reason for the go ahead is economy led by a leader who is hell bent on saving the pound rather than the planet.

We cannot, even for a moment, put the environment to one side. The, crime, immigration, employment, NHS, social care and the b***** ECONOMY...will be of no import if Britain does not reduce carbon emissions by as much 90% by 2030. Watch this video for a little moment. Interesting? Our transport system needs radically revamping if we want to minimise the catastrophe that is upon us. Whilst we all share responsibility in the prevention of global warming, the sum total of our individual contributions to going carbon neutral are being undermined by our prime minister haplessly giving the OK to rampaging forth with aviation expansion. Squirting push-up crystal deodorant under my sweaty armpits (no aerosols) and cycling to work this morning seems a little inadequate in the great scheme of things.

Climate change is a real threat to our very existence. Shall I say that again for any ministers that are having trouble prioritising? We should be responding to safeguarding human survival not the strength of the economy. Save your pennies and the planet will look after itself...I don't think so. Let's see, global warming or a stronger pound? Mmm, you choose! Oh...I forgot...we can't, because we have no political sway!

It's time for 'fight not flight'...if Gordon does not have the foresight, creativity, intellect or steel to come up with a real time environmental strategy to tackle climate change could he kindly move over? It is time for some heavyweights to rise to the challenge. Not you and I, Polly, I mean George and James (Monbiot and Bruges). So you guys, I've read your books, you've convinced me of your here's some homework. Can you put together a clear and concise strategic action plan that illustrates exactly the measures that the government should implement to bring our carbon emissions down by the required 90%? We've all had enough of constrained expansion, green runways and hot air. Time to reveal the solutions, the definitive masterplan and act upon it...NOW!


PS Someone should tell Gordon the answer is not down there.