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Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's only a flight away!

Hi Polly,

I can't bear listening to the nations' frustration at the third runway. Democracy? Pah!

Edwina and I took a very long walk today, which may have included some light refreshment at The Old Centurian...and we unearthed the formula for happiness. I really believe there IS an alternative way to govern a country. Gross National Happiness there's a vote winner that the Conservatives might want to tag on to their timely Energy Policy! One small problem....Bhutan is only a flight away.

There is no doubt that this Heathrow decision has stirred the British public out of their political apathy. Politics is not's just suffocating under the rule of ministers with hands over their ears shouting 'I can't hear you!' Gordon and Geoff....our GNH Index has plummeted from rather glum to thoroughly joyless. Our George has got 248 comments on his piece in The Guardian....well 249 now. Sorry Polly, I couldn't else to vent my frustration at 1.37am?

Never to be accused of complacency I took your advice and it's official. I AM now one careful owner of an Airplot. Feels good too! All that's left to do is some heavy pestering of Gordon Brown and a gratuitous volley of holiday brochures of Bhutan into Geoff's garden. The origami aeroplanes are mulch. Oh, and I nearly forgot, George's homework on reducing carbon emissions....needs to be in by Monday. Aunty Gladys is marking.

Peace, love and and National Happiness,

Ivor X