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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life's too serious?

Dear Ivor

It’s time to stop celebrating and messing around with phone boxes and start getting your mind back to campaigning! Aunty Gladys rang me this morning to tell me that you had spent all night in the shed with Max Boyce. At least this time you had the sense to wear your ear phones.

The successful appointment of Graham and ongoing email correspondence with Emma Thompson and George Monbiot has frankly gone to your head and I am as surprised as anyone by your ascending Google rankings!!

Still as they say any publicity………... Talking of which, I decided to do a little research on what’s on the top of the web browsing public's list of news items today:

The independent's most viewed, how the Haka courted controversy and the top ten range cookers (handy!).
The Times most popular includes, the major sewage problem in Dubai and the 50 worst things about modern football.
The Guardian’s top articles, Barack Obama's letter to Iran and life after the apocalypse survival guide (right up your street!)
The Sun’s most read, Army’s game of topless scrabble and David Beckham’s recent performance on the pitch for AC Milan.
The Mail top stories are John Cleese dumping his girlfriend and the issue of forced adoption.

So nothing about the third runway vote in parliament, the fact that Russia is suspending the deployment of short range missiles , climate change or Gaza.

Thank goodness we are still not taking things too seriously!

Poll x

PS See you at 8pm.