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Thursday, January 08, 2009

No comparisons please

Dear Ivor

Despite a slight crick in the neck, star gazing at The Mauve Inn proved to be of considerable benefit to my state of mind.

As I promised I have attacked the pile of paperwork that I hid over Christmas, which did give me a slight feeling of euphoria, albeit short lived when I realised that our mortgage deal is coming to its end and required some renegotiation! I am aware of the comparison websites which are meant to effortlessly assist you in this task, but there are now so many of them that I really need a compare the comparison websites site to figure out who to use!! Why do things that are meant to make life easier get so complicated?

I am surrounded by labour saving devices that require my attention, how much time do I really save or has the effort just shifted to a different task. What with these and all the money saving deals, I actually think that I could spend most of my day sorting out electronic devices, comparing my car insurance, home insurance, phone tariffs, supermarket prices and switching energy suppliers backwards and forwards and that’s just to start with! Oh happy the days when renewals were done without thinking. Apparently I now save £100’s of pounds, so why do things seem just as expensive if not more so? Perhaps it is to pay the salaries of all the extra staff the companies need because people are always changing their providers.

However I now almost feel guilty if I haven’t trawled through the compare this and that pages until I feel suitably overwhelmed and worn down into accepting any offer, without examining the small print, that appears at the top of the page, sponsored link or not!

Are we getting addicted to comparing everything? Time for Compare Anonymous meetings?

Poll xx