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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not Just a Guy!


I was out celebrating last night in honour of our new recruit. What can I say...our very own superhero.....Graham we love you! Aunty Gladys couldn't suppress her excitement. She has always had a deep seated fascination for men in tights...and I caught her drifting in chiffons on top of Tower Bridge last night babbling about men of steel. Well Aunty Gladys, it's official. No longer is Graham of Greenpeace just a guy. He is a principled, peace seeking man of action with a heart of gold. He can scale tall buildings, is cool with wearing pants and is our very own, newly inaugurated Head of Environment and Agriculture. Look up it a bird, is it a it's our saviour of good behaviour Graham of Greenpeace:

OK Graham, come down now...there's work to be done. Put Lois down and focus on the job in hand. The world has always looked up to you (in so many ways). Now you need to protect our future lives. We will not be done 'til the war on climate change is won. First to combat global warming in three easy Monday please. You may need to liase with Alvin and Evan due to the economic implications, but these are secondary concerns....we can always print some more money, tap up some old peers....or borrow some more.
Seriously though, a heartfelt welcome Graham. In the words of General Zod:

Join us. You have been known to disagree with the Council before. Yours could become an important voice in the new order, second only to my own! I offer you a chance for greatness. (Graham) Take it ! Join us!
Ivor x
PS What a guy!