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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

One Follower Required

Dear Ivor

Yesterday’s reply caught me in a rather morose mood but today I have recaptured my resolve! Post Christmas blues aside I am ready once more for high office, well at least the second floor.

Frankly if people want to be apathetic let them, I am not releasing my grip on the throat of indifference and neither should you.

I am releasing you from your assigned shed regeneration duties (the cabinet meeting will have to wait) and now want you to apply your not inconsiderable intellect to a new task. I must warn you that it will be tough and there is no guarantee of success, in fact more like downright failure and public humiliation. However you are no stranger to ridicule and there’s always Aunty Gladys to provide you with an alibi. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to get one more follower. I am convinced that this will create the band wagon (or campervan - sorry newbies in-joke) on which others will then be fighting to jump on.

What do you think? Got to be worth a try, possibly even a conversion!!

Poll in a positive mood xxxx

PS I will be doing some star gazing later in the garden of the Mauve Inn on Upp Road from 8pm onwards, bring your thermals!!!