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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Graham!

Dear Ivor

The poll is now closed and it’s a landslide victory for Our Graham from Greenpeace. The best thing to come out of Romford since David Essex! We wish him a lora, lora luck in his appointment as our Head of Environment and Agriculture (wonder if he knows much about animal husbandry and crop rotation?) and our heartfelt commiserations to James and George.

I’m sure that you will no doubt want to add your own inimitable good wishes! Was thinking do you feel a government tandem might be in order for Graham, preferable to the scooter as he does seem to have quite a few mates, might even need a triple traveller?

Anyway can’t wait for his acceptance speech, did you find out if old “Favs” had time to jot down a few words?

Speak later and hope you didn’t have any more mix-ups on the soup run, don't worry mulligatawny is difficult to say at the best of times.

Poll xx