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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rose Coloured Glasses?

Dear Ivor

Well your soap box has suffered a real pounding! Whilst reading I almost felt the wintry chill of Speaker’s Corner creeping around my ankles, you’re not going to start wandering up and down Oxford Street again with “the end is nigh” on a sandwich board are you?

You can knock at the School Gate as much as you like, but unfortunately you could end up being arrested for loitering with intent, and with your recent track record it’s probably not a good idea.

I appreciate that you have been inspired by Obama’s inaugural speech (are you hoping to be called up for a little freelance work?) and let’s face it who hasn’t, other than the more cynical amongst us, you know who you are!

Perhaps I too am a little misty eyed, although that may have something to do with the rose coloured glasses I donned yesterday, however those aside, I still do feel a real sense of optimism. Is it misplaced, it might well be, could I be proved wrong, maybe. However there is a part of me that believes that cynicism, all right Hazel, can become a habit and a bit of positive thinking can go a long way and let’s face it costs nothing.

I was however cheered by your almost endless list of suggestions for the education system, although embryonic in the planning stage, none of it is rocket science. One thing I would add is smaller class sizes. Will it cost money, of course, however if something is that important money does seem to be available.

Will it ever happen, today I have to say yes and believe it! As the ability to change it actually lies within me and all the other people in this country who want a better state education system for our children. If we really want it that much we can demand it of our MPs, it is after all our hard earned cash that pays for education and those expense accounts. Let's make sure its money well spent! Sorry was that a little cynicism creeping in, old habits die hard!

Poll (mellowing) x

PS Stop harassing Graham from Greenpeace with emails, he is trying to save the planet after all!