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Friday, January 23, 2009

Thinking global!

Dear Ivor

Just to let you know it’s a global financial crisis, stupid!! Was just listening to the Today programme, I think Gordon got his point across succinctly in the interview with our very own Head of Economy Evan Davis. It’s not his fault the economy is in such a state because it’s a global problem. Can’t help feeling that if every leader blames the global situation then actually no one has to take any responsibility whatsoever for any mistakes. The only thing is that global means involving the entire earth, which unless they have been beamed in from the planet Zog does include our government, so basically what they are saying is that the errors of judgment that have been made, including their own, were so serious that they have buggered up the economy of the whole world, ah now I understand!

Poll x

PS Excuse my language, sorry beginning to sound like Guido!

PPS Way to go Alvin!