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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time Please!

Dear Ivor

I am incensed! Daniel returned from school yesterday to tell me that a friend of his (or should I say his mother!) was requesting extra time in his A level exams because he is slow at writing. Having known the boy in question well for a number of years, it is true that his scribbled text is not the prettiest example of western communication, however it is also a fact that he is a total stranger to the terms homework and revision. Therefore when called upon to record the total sum of his understanding on a particular subject it is no wonder that his sketchy thoughts are mirrored by rather sketchy characters. Why he should have an additional 25% exam time in which to apply his scant knowledge is beyond me.

I must admit that I did think that the request for additional time was ludicrous and would be viewed as such by the school, however after reading these articles from The Guardian and The Times I am not so sure.

It appears that the awarding of additional exam time is on the increase since the decision was passed from the exam bodies to the schools. What message are we giving our young people; “If at first you don’t succeed, don’t bother”?

Daniel has since asked me if he could apply for extra time as he presses really hard with his pen when he writes and it hurts his finger. Do you think he has a point?

Poll x