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Monday, January 19, 2009

A Tribute to Fido...


Excuse my tardiness in replying to your blog but I have been somewhat detained (for unruly behaviour) by our local police officer....and told to sober up after too much frivolity on top of the shed. I may have got a little carried away with the excitement of our first follower who had the ceilliau to post a profile. Unlike yellow-bellied, Elvis Mindbend who is moderated out until he comes up with a little more detail and the real ale article he promised us.

As for Fido the Dog, I could have done with your Labour scathing, sharp stick to beat off the feather-ply, arm of the law. My celebration song was not appreciated in the early hours, though Aunty Gladys suggested it was my nakedness (but for the flag) that caused most offence.

Our first follower is a Welshman. Stand please Polly....1,2,3. Welcome Fido, now wipe that tear away, get out there and clear those streets of Newport. Light them with low energy lightbulbs so they shine bright like the furnaces once did...a new dawn is coming. Don't get angry...get active and join our blogging convoy, good buddy. It can't be all bad in Newport, you've got Dobbins and Jackson, and Elvis told me that nothing goes down like a Newport blonde. See you in The Red Lion some day and cheers.

Ivor x

PS Sorry Polly...I'll expect a strong dressing down tomorrow!