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Monday, January 05, 2009

What day for action?

Dear Ivor

It is morning, the decorations are down and I am now attempting to get back on track. It is strange how life takes on a different pace over the Christmas and New Year festivities, after the mad urgency in the build up to the event, time seems to suddenly become quite fluid, the number of occasions over the last two weeks I have been asked what day it was is quite remarkable, as if all of a sudden a sequence of seven days had become impossible to keep track of, although I must admit to the odd bit of confusion myself this weekend, how many Saturdays did we have?

I read your previous email with a feeling of déjà vu and found myself nodding in accord. However instead of feeling invigorated and on the brink of bursting into action I had a creeping feeling of despair. I am going to take a moment to investigate my gloom………….

Back again at the keyboard, sorry for the extended period of introspection! I have now watched Dispatches on “Britain’s Challenging Children” of the 20,183 primary school teachers invited to complete a survey on their experiences and views on children’s’ behaviour only 2,242 responded. Is this another example of British apathy or perhaps a positive indicator that the remainder of the teachers were quite happy with their pupils’ general conduct? Are we being fed a media diet of fat fibs and slim truths or simply unwholesome and indigestible facts?

Statistics aside it did appear that the early intervention methods featured in the programme were working and the children had improved behaviour patterns and learning outcomes. To you and me that means they were better behaved and they learnt more! Ultimately they were looking forward to a brighter future. However the funding for the initiative is in jeopardy, once again long term gain is being relinquished in favour of the short term balance sheet and I realised that this was the reason for my earlier gloom.

We already have the answers to most of our problems but we appear to lack resolve. Is it possible to take the long view in this world of instant results, and dare I say it, despite my reverence for all things Google, an overload of information. To slow down our pace and take a long hard look at the world around us and decide where we want to go from here. Perhaps we need another festive holiday!

Poll xx

PS have lost the to do list!!!