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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Slowdown?


Perhaps the directors of state-backed Lloyds don't read The Sun? Sorry...we seem to be stumbling into elitism again...oops! I understand it's easy to miss an oncoming economic crisis and the scale of that slowdown just sneaked up and surprised the unsuspecting city. Perhaps we should be cooperative rather than critical of Mr Brown. How about some big pictures and large print.'s official Gordon...Britain is now in recession. Luckily he is going to do all he can to help us survive....except tackle global warming? Sorry Polly, the plug for climate change just rolled off the keyboard. But I did feel so moved by your Guardian article I slipped in a few on-line comments in the spirit of blogpower. I was about to say that Lord Myners gets my vote but I need to check out his peer credentials first. Greed, avarice...but are they really happy Polly? Personally I'd rather be a beautician in Middlesborough.
Sorry for the abrupt ending. Elvis has arrived with an old recycled telephone box for the garden and Aunty Gladys has just finished embellishing the 'S'. Any news from our Graham? George Monbiot dropped us a very sporting email.....lovely chap.

See you tonight at the 'The Cat and Fiddle'***y bankers.

Ivor X