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Friday, February 06, 2009

All Carboned Out!


I'm tuckered out. The frustration with a government who lacks real engagement with action against climate change has brought me to my knees. That, and the chain's come of my bike. Think it was the superman stunt Graham pulled on the back of the tandem. Good night though!

What is it with our politicians? Your trailer needs to be put on big screen at Westminster and all MPs made to watch whilst looking at the photos of their children tucked safely in their wallets. What about a Quiz Night? Or even a debate? Perhaps chew over the politics over a few beers in the bar? Consider the economy? Have another beer Ed :

Oooooh! Did I mention our mate Machnig in Germany seems to think that
'the consequences of climate change are greater than those of the economic crisis....'
Tipping factor? Paradigm Shift?
What's happening at the moment in the UK?
I haven't the bl***y foggiest. Shall we ask someone? Perhaps reassure the common people? Nah....that's Miliband's area.
Back to the day job then.

So just pop that photo of your kids safely away between your crisp £50.00 notes and ask yourself....what is top of your agenda today in parliament? And could you give your good people an update. We'd quite like to know that you have it all in hand. Funny though.....not a mention in the news. Even Google gave up.

Forgive the cynicism....but this is all I found!

And as for you journalists....if the media is able to play such a formidable role in the banking crisis, just imagine what you can do to save the planet. I'm all for all powerful characters...if they could just redirect their energies to the small matter of climate change. Bring it on's about what the individual thinks. Environment and the economy united in the battle to combat global warming? Have you got a photo in your wallet of someone who would like a future?

Seriously disgruntled,


PS No Polly, I'm blogged off!