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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back Door Bonuses

Dear Ivor

Do you think that the bankers have missed the point? What seems to have been overlooked by them is that, not only do the British public think that they should not be rewarded for failure with bonuses, they should also not receive such high basic salaries.

A suggested estimated salary of £300,000, with bonuses of two or three times this, is not an entitlement it is a travesty!!

When will the bankers wake up and realise that the gravy train has stopped! If they won’t do the job for less there are others that would, and, let’s face it, perhaps given the opportunity, they might even do it better.

We have an opportunity here to address the balance of pay awarded to this self-inflated, overrated sector . Threatening that we will lose all the best people elsewhere is self-justifying scaremongering, anyway it was the best people that got us into this crisis. Perhaps their professed expertise is just another case of the Emperor’s New Clothes?

Poll x

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