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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Brain Freeze!

Dear Ivor and Graham

Hoping to pick up some PAW tips have just been listening to Radio 4 Costing The Earth's chilling report on the impact HFCs, used as refrigerants, are having on global warming, listen again here.

The programme featured Asda’s green flagship store in Bootle which has installed environmentally friendly refrigeration units complete with doors and running on CO2, well done to them. However the spokesperson for the company voiced concerns that these were having a financial impact, as customers were struggling with the concept of a barrier between themselves and the chilled food items.

Duh!! For crying out loud how are we going to get the British public to save the planet if they have a problem opening fridge doors?

PAWs for thought; make it compulsory, if all refrigeration units had doors I am sure we would be surprised at how soon the concept of opening them would catch on. And whilst considering legislation perhaps the government could immediately introduce a substantial tax on leakage of HFCs as most companies seem to struggle with the concept of fixing leaks in their cooling systems and let's face it we could do with the cash!

Lest we forget; “In the valley of the stupid the one enlightened man is not always king!”

The Age of Stupid: final trailer Feb 2009 from Age of Stupid on Vimeo.

Poll x