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Friday, February 13, 2009

Chasing the Dragon

Dear Ivor

So you have returned and slightly less hirsute from chasing the dragon! You should have learned not to nap surrounded by the valley boys, they can be quick with those razors!

I had hoped you might return with a little more humility, magnanimous in victory over the boys in blue, but I can see that your altruistic behaviour has been diluted by running with the pack!

Your comment referring to my ancestral heritage has been moderated before a lynch mob was formed and you were up for a public blogging.

Gatland’s boys are in the ascendancy, there’s a man that believes in trust and loyalty, and, despite a quick delve into my genealogy, I am disappointed that my only filial link with the boys in red is you! Regardless of this I will be cheering them on tomorrow in the hope that we will be treated to some more dynamic running rugby instead of the flat lack lustre attempt from Twickenham. Wonder what schools the Welsh boys went to?

See you tomorrow.

Poll x