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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Definition of a Superhero


What can I say? I didn't dare believe the good news. Having toasted your green credentials with too many East Green's , I've been rifling through my old Marvel comics to find out more about the common traits of superheroes.There are some spooky parallels:
Unprecedented physical prowess......dedicated to the act of derring-do in the public interest...tick.
Brief episodic adventures and years long sagas....tick.
A distinctive costume to protect your secret many!
Extraordinary powers and advanced equipment...eager to find out more.
A strong moral code....tick.
A sense of responsibility....tick.
A number of enemies.....Chuck and Chubby are just for starters. Look out Gordo.
Independent wealth....who cares?
Headquarters....The Shed.
A backstory of tragic elements or freak accidents.....what the hell, we can make those up as we go.
A supporting cast of hero's, Poll, and the fellowship at Greenpeace.
Love interests...Aunty Gladys?!!
A complicated dual life....saving the planet and....blogging the planet.
Now that just leaves the ultimate definition of a superhero......our GRAHAM.
May the force be with you.

Can't say more as I've taken on board your words and am now advancing in a vigilante manner. Ssssssh! Watch this space.


Ivor XX

PS Fellow Bloggers NEVER FORGET. Are you in or out? Be brave....unleash your inner superhero.....