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Friday, February 27, 2009

Diversion ahead!

Dear Ivor

I apologise for the keyboard silence at my end! Have been frantically searching for my sandals, and Satyagraha hoping to find inner peace! Having located the sandals, more of an espadrille really, have been wearing them around the house hoping that Gandhi’s mantra would seep into my soul. However to no avail, perhaps I should’ve taken off my socks first?

I have been thwarted by mental torpor this week. The very sad death of Ivan Cameron provoked a rarely observed sense of unity in the House of Commons and differences were rightly put aside, replaced by heartfelt condolences. The things that really matter are the same for everyone, but unfortunately the minutiae of life so often clouds the view.

The juxtaposition of this grief and the subsequent debate concerning Sir Fred Goodwin’s pension pot seems surreal. On reflection I do have to wonder if we should be wasting so many column widths to the banker’s story.

It certainly is obscene, it doesn’t seem fair and how many others have negotiated similar benefits, I wonder? However it also reflects badly on those who brokered the deal, why did nobody notice the discretionary nature of the decision to award this huge sum of money?

However finding a scapegoat in Lord Myners may be a beneficial political diversion at the moment, taking other players out of the spotlight. Let’s not be manipulated into believing that Sir Fred Goodwin or Lord Myners acted in a bubble, just as with the bankers, the man at the very top is finally accountable.

Poll x