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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Funny Old Day


Was deeply embroiled in considering the merits of 'The Good Childhood' enquiry after another rosy-cheeked day surfing the slopes on Elvis' tin tray. These kids are novices in the simple pleasures of snowangels, snowdogs (missing Edwina), igloos and good, old fashioned sledging.

Couldn't help noticing how few youngsters had braved the snowclad hillsides despite another day of no school. More noticeable was the lack of parents out frolicking with their offspring. This being a golden family opportunity to indulge in 'quality time'. Where was everyone? Was the call of the nintendo too strong? Was it too far for our chubbier kids to walk to the nearest slope? Was it just a bit too chilly? Was the thought of parenting for a whole day just too scary?

Or has the government imposed radical action overnight and had a population cull whilst we weren't looking? Two days off school and no kids out in the snow? Spooky. Maybe the snow was simply diversionary tactics and the population is now in hand....mmmm........RADICAL..... ACTION? Naaaah...not our government! No chance! I'm sorry Polly, that image of the children-catcher from Chitty Bang Bang has always plagued me. My imagination ran wild for a moment.

Interesting proposition this idea of only two children per family. I need to give more thought to its merits with regard to combating climate change. As for 'irresponsible parenting' the argument is, as I understand it, that the 'selfish and individualistic' nature of adults is to blame for the problems children face. Also, couples who have more than two children are being irresponsible towards the environment. I'm all for saving the planet but compare Parents A (dare I say 'married' perhaps) of an unfashionably large number of children who want to frolic with their kids in snow, but would have to stop procreating for the sake of the environment....with Parent B (dare I say lone parent) who, to quote Jonathon Porrit, is not convinced that she wants to become a mother....but fancies a free flat and some child benefit thrown in for good measure. Shall we values-test on parental selfishness? Those who demonstrate excessive individualism should have no children and those who are extremely virtuous with superlative parenting skills can have a whole brood? That way we control the expanding population and safeguard our societal values simultaneously. Now that's RADICAL.

It's been a funny old day.

Ivor X