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Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Sorry?


You had to pull me down off my paper-thin pedestal didn't you...but so harshly? You know Prof Smith pressed all my buttons with his succinct summation of the plight of state education in Britain...I opened a bottle of 'Proper Job' in celebration of his astute analysis. From hero to coward before I'd even wet my lips. He has now declared deep regret...for what? Stating truths that tear at the heart of every state school parent? Common sense observations in fact. Missed two critical factors though...expectations and aspirations.

Clearly this media 'explosion' was too hot to handle. What really did drive him to writing letters of apology to two secretaries of state? I hope his status/salary/loyalty/good name is not being used as leverage. What about integrity? God forbid that his position is at stake as I can't see him in sports science...all those whistles to blow. I can hear the apologies already. Too much to expect the government to embrace his constructive criticism and run with the ball? That would take courage, humility and strong leadership. Sorry! Oops another apology. Sorry. Damn.

Whistle-blowing, running with the ball, truth and loyalty.....are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Pleased to know you are 'Welsh by Proxy'. Aunty Gladys and the boys from the allotment are in fine voice....and Elvis has printed the hymnsheet on recycled Murrayfield programmes. Big Dylan (landlord at 'The Prince of Wales'...your memories may be hazy) has donated his refurbed, secondhand campervan (runs on veggie oil) and Purple Moose are bringing along ample supplies of Calon Lan. Max Boyce is meeting us there so bring your scarf. The English are coming.....Let the Dragon Roar!

I'm too excited to sleep Polly...see you in a few hours!!

Big kisses,
Ivor XX

Welsh and Proud. No apology needed.