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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Igniting the Dragon

Hello Polly...I'm back!

Alright, I admit I may have been a little economical with some truths. I did go in search of my moral conscience and had to go back for my misplaced sense of humour. But when the igloo melted I was a little disorientated. In the interest of my research into effective leadership and in order to quench a thirst for knowledge...and real ale, I found myself in The Caledonian Ale House and on for some Golden Promise. A ticket to Murrayfield no less....and what a day. I stumbled upon some old friends from the valleys. None of them were Boyos of course, but Aunty Gladys had knitted enough scarves for all of us so we did indulge in a bit of melodic male bonding. Not sure I suit a mac, but my guitar playing is coming along.

Well, I could dwell on every shimmering act of tactical supremacy but I will not stoop so low when there is so much yet to play for. Having been the 'whipping boys' for too long, just exactly how did Wales turn around it's performance? This miraculous resurrection of Welsh rugby is attributed to the kiwi Warren Gatland. In just five easy steps he has located the 'puff and magic' of the red dragon and turned on the switch. The secret of this red revolution is solely attributed to the finely tuned leadership skills of a bl**dy good coach. The inherent talent has always been there, it was simply a case of finding the on button.

This is the essence of my investigative foray. There are clear parallels to be drawn between Gatland's strong leadership strategy and the gaping chasm in the political direction of our government. Set out clear expectations, blunt honesty, no bull s**t, weed out the rubbish, egos removed, consequences for mistakes. This is indeed back to basics. Professionalism, style, confidence, and conviction about everything they are doing. Perhaps if our British politicians opened their eyes to the mechanism behind change then they may earn some much needed credibility.

Labour has entered the blogosphere with...wait for it....a strategy for repeated slogans and soundbites! Thank goodness Labour are still the changemakers. Ouch! That soundbite just came up and bit me. Changemakers? Changemakers? Spare me. What about leading us through the new global challenge that is climate change? In the newly launched 'Labourlist.Org' not one mention of saving the world. Do you think we should tell them? Perhaps I'll ask Obama to blog them. Perhaps give them a few pointers about true leadership. Incidentally, I have dabbled on the new blog and am waiting to see if Mandy and Ed are moderating me in or out. Why is Ed Miliband so far down Rogues Gallery? He is the Secretary of State for......oh what's it called? Direct democracy in action because 'Together we can make change happen'....damn another soundbite, they're everywhere. Watch this space.

Ivor X

PS What are you up to next Thursday? Aunty Gladys is ironing Graham's iron for lycra.