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Thursday, February 12, 2009

In search of puff and magic...

I am so very sorry Polly,

I have been on retreat from the turmoil of political B**LOGS! Seeking refuge in a small place. I am man enough to admit that I have been cavorting with the 'dragons in caves' phenomenon...and am mindful that you have been abandoned with solitary ownership of our mission to be PM. I wonder, have you resorted to leaning on the support system of internet conferencing in my absence? A little coven with Lobbydog or Finkelstein perhaps? No Polly...I draw the line at group hugs, even with Monbiot. Well, OK then...he did write a belter to Blears...couldn't resist a little blog from the brink! Anyway, I humbly accept that I may need to hone down some of my sharp edges. It would seem that my salvation in this instance is nothing more than a traditional strop!

Images of blizzards conditions of -18 degrees in Scotland, raging fires and exploding gum trees in Melbourne, freak floods swallowing the south coast of England....and the article by James Lovelock sent me running for the hills. From the safe haven of my (rapidly constructed) igloo I set about designing my lifeboat made for two....OK and the damn dog! My frantic forestry skills came to the fore with feverish felling, cutting, sawing, whittling and sanding as I perfected my own invincible vessel that would outdo any erratic change in the weather that might descend overnight. (May have based some design features on sound advice from our Graham of Greenpeace).

As the whittling waned, I sought solice in beer and sport (more of that later). In a more reflective state....commonly referred to as 'hangover'....the guilt set in. My boatbuilding frenzy was motivated by reckless, self-preservation. No room on my boat for Elvis, Aunty Gladys, Robin, George, Kylie....and Gary Grimble (no chance)! All that blogging morality gone in one defiant swish of my paddle and a swift purchase of the 'Food for Free' book. Paranoia had set in...why have British Army Ration Packs sold out? Maybe my letter to Ed Miliband had actually stirred the government into action after all....and they were all buying up the last remaining stocks from their expense monies. Lovelock's words plagued me 'Not only must we survive, we must stay civilised....' Not so easy when disaster hits. Human behaviour does not naturally lean towards selflessness. (I won't make a cheap remark about bankers, that would be peevish.)

Research illustrates some interesting human tendencies. Altruistic behaviour is likely to be diluted the larger the number of players. This supports the 'run with the pack' philosophy you mentioned. Also, if risk is high, people work together towards a common goal...but if risk is perceived to be 50:50, then selfishness rules. So with regard to the small matter of climate change, we simply need to convince people that risk is high. It's that easy.

Here we go then:

Climate Change is fact.
Giant strides must be met to win the war with global warming.
If tackling climate change is made second order, we have lost the battle.
There are only four years to save the planet.
Everyone clear?

What next? Recognition and strong leadership. Yup! Our man across the pond is on the job. The
science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear.....time for a new chapter.

And back here, in zero-carbon Britain....let's seek some reassurance from Paul Allen at the Centre of Alternative Technology that the fight is in the capable hands of our experts. Well, blow me down with a feather, Paul revealed utter disbelief that in Poznan, even leading experts, scientists NGO's and political leaders hadn't really grasped the severity of the global climate predicament. The Poznan talks lacked urgency and what was required was a push from the top. We need visionary action. No, you don't say. (I am now banging my head against the side of my igloo....again.) Lucky for us we have cultured politicians leading us into battle with a firm grip on priority. God help us all.

So that's why I am stuck in my cave exploring the notion of effective leadership. I think I may have found an answer...more on puff and magic to follow. Don't wish to blog you to death.

Will soon be revolting again,

Ivor X

PS Tried a free sample today....impending disaster has it's upside.


Lobbydog said...

He's back!

Polly Tix said...

Yes and not before time!
Poll x