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Monday, February 23, 2009

Is there anybody listening?

Dear Ivor

I see you jettisoned your plans this weekend to infiltrate the French rugby training camp masquerading as a rooster, in favour of the bright lights (literally) of London. In this age of, not exactly high tech movement sensitive lighting and even old fashioned timers, you would think that at least one of these would be utilised in all office buildings, but then I suppose that would be expecting that someone gives a damn!

You may have guessed by my tone that I am a little truculent today, perhaps no more than usual. I have trawled through the papers, lurked around political blogs and generally wasted more time than I care to mention seeking enlightenment.

Perhaps Confucius has the answers, well Jim Knight seems to think so (I have my suspicions that he just fancied an all expenses paid trip to China)! Where, oh where is Professor Adrian Smith when we need him, probably busy writing his lines; I must not criticise government policy even when it is ludicrously wrong! Perhaps he has been reclassified as a domestic terrorist and is being interrogated in the dungeons of Westminster as we blog.

Of course when pupils are leaving school unable to read and write you need to rectify this by, hmmmm, teaching them Mandarin!

Let’s just carry on with more of the same, constantly meddling with the school curriculum and introducing new initiatives, because that definitely seems to be working!

What is it about government that they seem unable to learn from the past? We are currently going through the worst economic crisis for decades based in part on an inflated housing market, excessive borrowing and not inconsiderable risky banking practices, for which disproportionate rewards were received and yet we are seeing bonuses allocated to employees of Northern Rock, when it still owes the taxpayer £9bn and this is likely to increase with Alistair Darling’s announcement of measures to revive the housing market.

What the hell, let’s just build our way out of the recession and forget about the hundreds of thousands of empty houses that exist in England, which are more often than not in established communities that could easily absorb a few extra inhabitants. This would also help disperse the population across a wider area and would avoid the strain that a huge new housing development puts on local infrastructure and God forbid the environment. Is that too sensible as well? And could even provide local jobs for local trades, spreading wealth throughout the whole of the UK economy rather than a huge chunk going to property developers, who probably put their money off shore! Perhaps David Abrahams is offering some advice in this area.

Whilst we might be considering environmental impact let’s shore up the car industry and why not throw in the odd oligarch who needs a bit of cash, we wouldn’t want him to have to trade down his yacht to support his business! Perhaps Mr Abrahams might be in the market to purchase it?

If I seem a little annoyed it's because I am, and not as Gordon Brown seems to think solely with the bankers, its you the government who continue to act as masters and not as servants of the people. If you really want to put us first you have to start with listening to us.

Poll x

Ps Am leaving this moral dilemma for you to sort out!