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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Knitting for Britain

Dear Ivor

I thought Carol had been a little quiet of late and now we know why; think she may have been giving David Cameron private lessons on how to make the perfect snowball, although he definitely still does need to work on his technique!

The recent dowsing of snow has without a doubt diluted the economic gloom. This morning whilst ambling with Edwina (presume you remember you left your dog with me last week!) there was a distinct joie de vivre amongst the walking fraternity, a willingness to dally in idle chit chat, an ability to smile broadly at total strangers and the distinct spark of happiness at another day’s absence from routine.

As I stood at the top of the hill in the park with the sun shining on the covering of glistening snow, the whoops of children and Robin (who unfortunately couldn’t get into work) tobogganing and Edwina discovering the joys of ice balls in intimate places, I had a feeling of goodwill to all men. We may have lost another couple of billion from the economy, didn’t even bother adding this to the spreadsheet, so what if we can’t cope with a bit of snow and are the laughing stock of the more blizzard prone countries. We had something priceless, a bit of light relief!

No doubt Gordon himself was relieved at the change of media focus to the more mundane! Although apparently he may be considering the compulsory issue of totes toasties at all public meetings, do you think there could be an opening there for Aunty Gladys’s knitting circle? Might even assist with economic recovery.

The cold weather has not dissuaded the wave of wildcat strikes in protest against Total's decision to give up to 300 jobs to European workers at its refinery in North Killingholme. Gordon’s throwaway sound byte “British jobs for British workers” should not be used for political one-upmanship, masking some of the very real issues behind the protest. Or be allowed to descend in to a macho test of resolve between the government and the protestors. Unfortunately it does feel as if the multinationals are calling the shots in pursuit of profit and the politicians have very little left in their armory to counteract the assault. Any indication of restrictive practices could result in a backlash against the 1.5 million Brits that work in countries in the European Union, creating even more havoc in the economy that no amount of knitting will resolve!

See you soon.

Poll xx

PS Have located the perfect birthday present for Elvis.