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Friday, February 13, 2009


Dear Ivor

Back with a vengeance I see, and delving un-moderated in to Labour List.

Wish you would manage to get a grip of your keyboard, your trailing unconscious stream of thoughts have been tacked onto the end of your comment, but despite this think he should get the gist:

You are Secretary of State for Climate Change. It is the singular, most important issue of our lifetime.
The above issues are really of no consequence unless you wholeheartedly commit to the battle of global warming.
Define your role with passion, authority, integrity and a real understanding of your singular task....then you may earn your following. Just where exactly are we in saving the planet? Together we can make change happen. Really? Convince us.
Ivor Dunmoanin
PS Immediacy is key...still waiting for a reply to my email.

short and long term goals are being met......then let us know, openly, honestly just what is going on.

Ivor Dunmoanin @ 10:22 pm, Thu 12th Feb 2009

Let’s face it if doesn’t really have a handle on the task in hand there are some that would, where’s George and our Graham from Greenpeace?

As regards your lack of mail, Ed has obviously been busy launching yet again:.

Ever wanted to change your world? Labourspace offers you an open platform so that you can tell the Labourspace community and Labour politicians about the issues that really matters to you.”

–Too many issues and matters for my liking!

There’s more:

Labourspace is all about people power so the more friends you get involved the more chance your campaign has of winning!

- Unfortunately it isn’t clear what the prize is - another Labour term?

Can’t help but feel Labourlist, Labourspace and Labourwhatthehellcanwedonow are a desperate attempt to subdue the blogosphere. Do you think there will be hundreds of new jobs created for shadow bloggers at Westminster? Don’t suppose Guido will get a look in?

Poll x

Ps Can't believe you’ve slipped through moderation yet again.