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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looking for my conscience…

Dear Ivor

Where are you, am extremely concerned? Need your calming influence or failing that a swift one at the Old Bull, do you think Lobbydog might be free?

Are all our actions governed by hard coded behavioural determinants? Daniel Finkelstein seems to attribute banker’s decisions to following the pack instinct. Does this assuage their guilt?

Despite Finkelstein’s closing plea, nobody really wants to notice the little boy who has the courage to question the transparency of the Emperor’s new clothes. The late Tony Dye’s voice was drowned out by the masses gaily jumping on the band wagon.

Whose ears at the time did Paul Moore’s whistle blowing reach? Perhaps that was silenced by a desire to settle for substantial personal damages.

Honestly, faced with the same set of circumstances as the bankers with the lure of such excessive financial reward, how many people would have said No?

And despite mounting criticism the band wagon rolls on. Andy Hornby appears to have few scruples in accepting more taxpayers’ money to shore up his own personal bank account. Bankers still seem to want to be rewarded for failure. But are they to be blamed, why should individuals display altruism when all around them are losing theirs?

We no longer appear to display any collective responsibility towards the improvement of society in general and then wonder why that same society has no cohesion. We have gone down a road of individual acquisition and in doing so have misplaced our conscience.

Perhaps we all ought to start looking for it again? I'll start now....

Poll x