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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mathematical Dilemma

Dear Ivor

It’s time to come out of the igloo and face up to your responsibilities, I can’t do it alone! And besides who am I going to blame if things go pear shape? To say nothing of Edwina, who has almost given up all hope of returning to the family home and is consoling herself on the sofa with the squeaky beer can, a small but not inconsequential reminder of you!

If you need a little sobriety read James Lovelock’s article on global warming. Although I usually look forward to the day after tomorrow; I am beginning to have doubts as to the reliability of our plans to slowdown climate change. A little dramatic I know, however you can blame Mr Lovelock for that!

I was cheered by Barack Obama’s recognition that the US needs to drastically improve its environmental credentials, even if this may have economic roots, any advances must be applauded, compared to the systemic avoidance of the previous administration, and where America leads others tend to follow, GB are you listening?

Making the most of the world’s diminishing resources is imperative; you’ll be pleased to know that allotments are the way forward. Perhaps it’s time for a rerun of the Good Life for some self sufficiency tips?

We do need to get to the bottom of this issue. “The Experts” seem torn between sustainable energy supplies, should we go for wind, water, solar, or perhaps nuclear is the only answer? There are plausible arguments on both sides, as there are for GM crops, apparently we need them to tackle food security and reduce the use of pesticides, but on the other hand we are advised that their use has been a disaster. With more reports on both sides of the fence, penned by authors with more letters after their names than Slumdog Millionaire nominations, opinions still remain hugely divided. In fact at opposite ends of the spectrum! Is it any wonder that the man and woman on the street dissolves into a vat of apathy faced with this dilemma?

Are we looking for transparency where there is none? Or are we being manipulated by bias and vested interest?

In an attempt to apply a little critical thinking of my own to this quandary I have tried to formulate an opinion based on nothing else but my own subjective observations. The weather is definitely changing; I only had to look outside for this. Our energy requirements are far higher now than when I was younger; I only had to look around me to confirm that. The world's population is increasing; did have to Google this, hope they haven’t been fiddling the figures! Then applied my inconsequential mathematical brain; one finite world + climate changes + increased energy requirements + lots more people = action required. There, it wasn’t that hard!

Missing you, come home soon.

Poll xx