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Monday, February 09, 2009

MPs go to pot?

Dear Ivor

Outside temperatures are plunging and my euphoric mood provoked by the meteoric rise of Robert Peston to planet saving superhero is also I am afraid on the wane.

Having woken up to the ongoing debacle of bankers’ bonuses on the Today programme (was hoping to catch up with Evan). MPs are publically tut-tutting at the overt avarice of banking executives, whilst concealing their own creative accounting with regard to expenses. Their defence may be that they have abided fully with Parliamentary rules and therefore have done nothing untoward, but couldn’t bankers argue that they have done exactly the same thing. The fact that the rules are flawed seems to provide defence for one and disgrace for the other. Going on to state that bankers have a moral obligation not to accept rewards for failure is to say the least somewhat hypocritical.

Do you think that MPs would protest if part of their salary was withheld when botched policies floundered costing taxpayers millions. MPs shouldn’t peddle accountability for others whilst selling taxpayers short!

How can we expect financiers, or anyone else for that matter, to have a fully functioning moral compass if our leaders continue to operate within a framework of personal interest? Pot and kettle spring to mind!

Speak later.

Poll x