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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Over protective parent

Dear Ivor

So you’re back! As if the igloo incident wasn’t enough, the mere whiff of smoke from the Welsh dragon and you’re on extended leave. Not only have you been behaving in a manner unbecoming of a future major public figure you have also been spotted lurking around Wales online. Poor Aunty Gladys has had to publish an open letter apologising for your antics and I doubt that SirSpiffing will ever recover his composure!

If George’s article is anything to go by, you have probably now been listed on the partying extremist database for excessive entertainment in public areas. You seriously must take yourself in hand.

Civil liberties are not what they used to be. If you don’t believe me read this article by Stella Rimington, who always reminds me a little of Helen Mirren.

The government has become obsessed with storing personal data and knowing what we are doing at all hours of the day and night. Unfortunately they’re not very good on the retention side, dossiers and trains spring to mind, as do dongles and car parks! No doubt they believe that they are doing this for the greater good and that our protection is upper most in their minds. That and the unquenchable thirst for another failed IT project.

However they are simply acting like an over protective parent obsessed with "stranger danger". It is difficult to let go of your offspring, as I know only too well. However if you want to bring up a well balanced, independent society, willing to accept responsibility for its own actions, you have to know when to stand back and let us go outside to play on our own.

Poll x

Ps Don't think you can skulk around in the shed for the week!