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Thursday, February 05, 2009

PAW Launch

Dear Ivor

Your previous proposals on practical parenting were to say the least a little radical and, from an excessively individualistic point of view, an administrative nightmare, however I see that the political animal in you has once again emerged from your misshapen woolly jumper and you are back on the campaign trail.

I too was encouraged by Obama’s announcement of the capping of US top executive pay packages for companies receiving taxpayers’ money, although a little confused by the word extraordinary, call it the cynic in me!

As part of the reforms we are announcing today, top executives at firms receiving extraordinary help from U.S. taxpayers will have their compensation capped at $500,000

No loopholes please Mr President they let in the drafts!

We however do not seem to be able to adopt similar principles towards our own bankers’ bonkers bonus schemes despite giving exceedingly “extraordinary” help to the banks. An unnamed source was reported to have said:

The numbers will be very large and very difficult for the general public to understand."

Too right, I am struggling with the ambiguity of the £185bn we’ve lent to the banks and what contractual terms oblige the payment of rewards to employees for what is an unmitigated disaster, can someone read the small print please, there must be a get-out clause somewhere?

Speaking of disasters, Graham’s candid environmental three point plan has given us a deadline of two days before “Planet Action Wannabe” (PAW) is to be launched; any ideas? “A colossus bestriding the globe” we are not, more of a Lilliputian tiptoeing across a muddy field and having trouble finding the gate!

Still, Graham appears to have some misguided faith in our ability to release megalomania on the unsuspecting British public, as if we needed an excuse; thank goodness he’s given us absolution in advance.

Perhaps a swift one at the World’s End might be in order, tonight 8pm? Bring your reading glasses.

Poll xx

PS Have also had an idea about what to do with all the spare cars at Avonmouth docks