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Friday, February 06, 2009

Peston Power


The thought of Peston in spandex distracted me momentarily from the magnificence of your brainwave. Many excitable images sprang to mind....'current affairs totty', 'crash pash'...but it is 'the picking bobbles off a cardigan' that gets my bid should he ever seriously consider floating on the SSEx. The Indiana Dow Jones persona is perfect for his forthcoming venture into the harsh environment of melting ice caps, raging tsunamis and erratic climates. Have you asked him yet?

He has already, it seems, bravely embarked upon a daring mission of his own to establish exactly who is in charge of this sceptred isle. Clearly he hasn't blogged on to us recently.

This, according to Peter at The Observer, is unfinished business that requires fresh passion. That is where you come in Polly. Can the man with immense power who single-handedly sent the dow plunging be persuaded to head off global warming? It strikes me that indeed he might be up to flexing his environmental muscle. Afterall, surely there are only so many credit crunches a journalist can do before the survival instinct kicks in.

Time he turned his journalistic endeavours to saving the world. Forget Sankara, dump the snakes....this is the crusade of your lifetime. Come with us Indi!

TO BE CONTINUED....if Powerful Pash Peston Picks Pressing Planet Plans Promptly.

With big kisses
Ivor X

PS You've asked him already haven't you Polly....and I do believe he's giving it some real thought?
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