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Friday, February 06, 2009

Plotting Peston Planet Plans!

Dearest Ivor

I think you may have hit on an idea to save the planet. We need "Peston Power", sorry move over our Graham!

If we believe MPs, his powerful ergonomic keyboard has caused economic chaos, in what would have otherwise been a completely smooth transition between the banks having lots of money and then having none.

Can we harness these immense powers for the greater good and stop global warming in its tracks. Compared to halting financial meltdown saving the environment should be as easy as obtaining a scoop on the Treasury. Let’s face it Peston clad in a spandex bodysuit (Graham could do a quick change master class) would be a formidable force even on Greenpeace standards.

The odd throwaway comment on Peston’s Picks about toxic carbon debt with a bit of alliteration thrown in for good measure and job done. Bound to cause a run on energy efficient light bulbs, solar panels, wind turbines and all things green, resulting in an all time low in emission rates in an attempt to stimulate environmental recovery and thus avoid an ecological disaster.

Can’t imagine why we didn’t think of this before?

Poll xx