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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Political Suicide? Yes please.

Hi Polly,

Thought this article might cheer you up a little....Gordon Brown thinks:

'it would be electoral suicide to appear so socialist'
by nationalising the banks. Hmmm. Does he?
Why do I find myself throwing myself violently around my igloo, fitfully screaming ''yes, yes do it. Be brave, Gordon...throw yourself into the abyss!'' Too often I uncover my own disconcerting support for the very act that is deemed to be Political Suicide. Why is that? Is it because it shows a strength of character? A willingness to risk unpopularity? A desire to implement much desired change perhaps? I wandered through the blogosphere looking for the answer to my conundrum.
I discovered this slightly depressing but thought-provoking angle that suggests that political suicide may be considered 'voting by other means'.....interesting if a little uncomfortable to digest? Less depressing and more illuminating is our friend Obama on climate change:
Your advisers will tell you its political suicide. Well, here's the clever bit....
Change is indeed what we need....I need only have looked to 'Mr Wiki' for enlightenment. I quote:
''Political Suicide is the concept that a politician or political party would lose widespread support and confidence from the voting public by proposing actions that are seen as
unfavourable or that might threaten the status quo.''
And yet Cynics (that's you and me Polly) may blame this as a lack of progress in society. Acts considered to be 'politically suicidal' are often sound intentions vehemently dismissed by reactionism and fear of change.
Does Gordon strike you as a dynamic and progressive leader? Don't even look for an answer. Fear of change....from what? What widespread support is he risking? Is there a blessed morsel of British society that we have pride in at this particular moment in history. I'm really struggling now. Here's a real man of honour. We could all do with a little humility.
It takes fortitude to drive through unpopular but necessary change. Reactionary or cynic? Frankly, I'm rather proud to be a cynic...Hazel Blears should look it up on Wikipedia...then blog Jacqui Smith with the definition. Life of virtue....reject conventions such as wealth and power.....anyone for mass political suicide?
Ivor X
PS Feeling better now Poll? Thought that would lift the spirits...! Oh...and the ice-caps are melting. My wind-up torch is a godsend.