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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

School's Out

Dear Ivor

What is it about education that makes normally level headed people appear like headless chickens scratching about for initiatives that are complete and utter drivel? For goodness sake, money would be put to better use improving the existing state education system than providing state supported boarding school places.

This will ensure that vulnerable children are supported within real communities and not in a privileged and constructed society that disappears when school's out and does nothing to prepare them for life in the real world!!

We should be worrying about Sir Cyril Taylor who believes removing children from problems will resolve them. If he’s been at the heart of government education thinking for two decades no wonder we have the education system we do. His time would be better spent dealing with the issues that make children vulnerable in the first place!

Poll x

PS Is there room in the igloo for one woman and her dog (adopted Edwina, papers in post)?