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Friday, February 06, 2009

Talking sense?

Dear Ivor

Your entreaty to Lobbydog has not fallen on deaf ears.

Ivor said…


Some advice please. Can Mandelson and Vince Cable both be speaking sense at the same time?

It makes me nervous when politicians reveal some integrity. Which MPs can we trust? Names in the frames please...we want to believe that some went into politics for the right reasons. There must be a few left on the benches with a properly functioning moral compass.

Ivor X
Ivor Dunmoanin of

PS Polly says I can't be a follower until I've had my beard trimmed. Are you a real ale drinker?

05 FEBRUARY 2009 14:01

Lobbydog said...
How's the beard? Lobbydog is known to appreciate the odd pint or two. When there's a bar at the end of the corridor it's difficult not to.
As for moral compasses, they work just like real compasses which get all muddled when you introduce different magnets.
The higher one climbs up the political ladder the more magnets seem to pop up in life, pulling compasses this way and that.
In terms of Mandy talking sense - note that he doesn't say excessive bonuses are wrong, only that they will look bad.
Generally MPs talk sense when it suits them, as it does in this case. It would obviously be political suicide to say bankers deserve more money.
But if you want to find one that talks sense, has an intact moral compass and doesn’t play sneaky games, you have to look further than the front benches.
How much an MP rebels can be a sign of integrity – it means they won’t change their own views for good favour with the leadership.

Ps You know you and Polly want to be lobbydoggers.

Do you think he's got room for us in the anteroom?

Poll x