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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Vive la Revolution!


Call me fickle but I have another hero in my sights. A postman, Olivier Besancenot.....he wants to re-package politics for the disaffected, he wants a coalition of disparate parties, he wants to depoliticise public life and....he rides a bike. I have a kindred spirit!

OK....there is a downside. He has an aversion to shapeless jumpers and beards and I'm now wondering if I'm a closet Trotsky. Better just pop out and check.

Worldwide revolution...yup...that's us. But let's just call it 'Political Entryism' by an entire as not to scare any real politicians! Why don't we go wild and ask if he fancies joining our convoy? I'm now having thoughts of going continental. Oh! And I forgot to mention that he's 34 and French, Polly!
Wonder if he salsas?

Ivor X

PS Couldn't resist a quick blog on The Independent.....well, it was their article afterall.