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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wiki proof!

Dear Ivor

It’s no good you adopting the strong and silent type approach. The outside temperature has increased and I am assured by Aunty Gladys that the igloo is now no more than a memory, I know that you are hiding out in the shed!

Although I do appreciate your extended absence from the media spotlight, the news over the past few weeks is enough to make a child of the 70’s look back with nostalgia at a three day week, power cuts, rotting rubbish and the mere whiff of global warming. What halcyon days!

Obama has been given four years to turn the rising tide of climate change. Good news, he is surrounded by the best scientific brains, however another one can’t hurt. So I have been applying my extensive Google knowledge to good use, with the odd bit of Wiki (if it’s good enough for David Cameron) thrown in, and have come up with a foolproof proposal. Every commercial decision must comply with an environmental checklist, easy multiple choice questions with a score rating, not taking any chances with essay style answers. At the end you add up your scores and this determines whether the proposed venture should go ahead.

All right it may be based on “your guide to…….” questionnaires in teen magazines of my youth, but it is a starting point and I bet none of those scientists will come up with it? And if the Tories have got time to fiddle about on the internet looking up inane trivia so have I! The state of the environment and the economy is obviously not that pressing.

Poll x

Ps I’ll bring you some soup later.